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Through-Hole Vs. Surface Mount: Contrasting Benefits and Uses

Category: Surface-Mount TechnologyPublished on 2017 Aug, 18
surface mount vs through hole

PCB assembly services have been arguing the benefits and drawbacks of through-hole vs. surface mount technologies since the 1980s. Through-hole technology (THT) is the original assembly process that dominated the industry until the invention of surface mount technology (SMT) in the 80’s. Surface mount is more efficient and cost-effective than THT, leading many to believe THT would fade into obscurity. However, through-hole technology offers specific benefits that keep it relevant even into the foreseeable future.

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Through-Hole PCB Assembly Offers Reliability and Strength

Category: PCB AssemblyPublished on 2017 Aug, 10
through-hole pcb assembly

With technology advancing at such a rapid pace, it seems like yesterday’s greatest thing is tomorrow’s old news. Production methods are constantly being rendered obsolete and abandoned. Yet some of these old techniques, while not used as commonly as they used to be, endure because they offer certain benefits that newer technologies can’t beat.


One such method is through-hole PCB assembly. Through-hole technology (THT) became the industry standard in the 1940s and reigned supreme until the invention of Surface Mount Technology in the 1980s. Many thought through-hole technology would be phased out, since SMT allows for the creation of smaller, faster PCBs at less cost. Yet the benefits of through-hole PCB assembly have kept it from becoming obsolete.

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The Enduring Popularity of Surface Mount PCB Assembly

Category: Surface-Mount TechnologyPublished on 2017 Aug, 04
surface mount pcb assembly

Almost all mass produced PCBs today are manufactured using surface mount PCB assembly. Surface mount technology (SMT) rose to prominence in the 80’s and has dominated the industry ever since. That is because surface mount PCB assembly is easier to automate and therefore can produce large amounts of boards faster at far less cost.

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Low Volume PCB Assembly Services from Telan Corp

Category: PCB AssemblyPublished on 2017 Jul, 28
low volume PCB assembly service

At Telan, we specialize in high-mix, low to medium volume PCB assemblies. We understand the need for customized parts and flexible assembly services. If you don’t need a million PCBs, why should you pay for that many? As a small run PCB manufacturer, we can help you produce your PCBs quickly and affordably, with the same quality standards as a large production run.

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PCB Testing from Telan Corporation

Category: PCB AssemblyPublished on 2017 Jul, 21
PCB Testing

When selecting a PCB assembly service, choose a company that offers thorough PCB testing. You want to have confidence that your product will work before it gets to the market. Small defects can easily be corrected during the assembly process if proper PCB testing is conducted.

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An Overview of the PCB Assembly Process Steps

Category: PCB AssemblyPublished on 2017 Jul, 17
PCB assembly process

In our last blog we discussed how PCBs are produced, and now we will look at the PCB assembly process steps that lead to a completed product.

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Telan Corp Offers All the PCB Material Types You Need

Category: PCB AssemblyPublished on 2017 Jul, 07
PCB material types

To the untrained eye all PCBs may look alike, but there is no such thing as a “standard” PCB. Each one is designed for a unique function and end use, and have to be designed to perform that function in the space available. Nearly every aspect of a PCB is customizable, including its size. The size and thickness of a board is determined by the circuit requirements, and you can also create multi-layer boards by putting several thin boards together.


Even PCB material types come in a variety of options, depending on your needs. While certain PCB material types are used more often than others, they may not meet the specific needs of your product. At Telan Corporation, we can help you choose the PCB that is best for you.

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An Overview of PCB Manufacturing Methods

Category: PCB AssemblyPublished on 2017 Jun, 30
PCB manufacturing methods

There are several PCB manufacturing methods that a PCB can be submitted to before reaching the final product. These methods include preparing the board’s surface, placing components, soldering, cleaning, and inspection and testing. Telan Corporation has been providing reliable PCB manufacturing methods for over 35 years. We offer a variety of assembly and solder techniques to meet the unique needs of your PCB.

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The Benefits of PCB Assembly in the US

Category: Circuit Board AssemblyPublished on 2017 Jun, 23
PCB manufacturers in the USA

Is your business looking to follow the growing re-shoring trend and bring your PCB assembly back to the United States? For years, cheap labor and shipping costs enticed companies to outsource their manufacturing overseas. But recent economic changes, both home and abroad, are showing it can be more cost-effective to manufacture at home. PCB manufacturers in the USA also offer benefits that overseas manufacturers can’t beat.

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Telan Corporation: a Top PCB Supplier for Over 35 Years

Category: Circuit Board AssemblyPublished on 2017 Jun, 16
top PCB supplier

Telan Corporation is in our fourth decade of providing quality PCB assembly services. Our reputation for speed and reliability is due in part to our state-of-the-art facilities and equipment. Today we will look at some of the machinery that allows us to be a top PCB supplier and assembly service.

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