4 Reasons Your Business Needs a PCB Assembly Service

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Staying competitive in an ever changing market means constantly looking for ways to cut costs, improve productivity, and increase profit margins. Many business think that cutting ties with their Maryland PCB assembly service and bringing assembly in-house will save money. However, just because it looks cost effective on paper doesn’t mean it will translate to real life savings. Here are 4 invaluable benefits you gain by partnering with a Maryland PCB assembly service:

  1. PCB assembly services have the newest technology - Bringing production in-house means investing in production space, expensive equipment, and experienced production workers. Especially for small to medium sized companies, it can be difficult to generate enough capital to purchase, maintain and upgrade this pricey equipment. By partnering with a PCB assembly service in Maryland, you have access to the latest technology and equipment without paying the cost yourself.
  2. Competitive pricing on high-quality parts - The final price of your product reflects the cost of the components that went into it, and suppliers generally don’t offer discounts to companies with whom they don’t have an established relationship. An established Maryland PCB assembly service has a verified supply chain of trusted suppliers and access to discounted, but high-quality, components.
  3. Verification of design efficiency - With a third-party PCB assembly service, you gain a second set of experienced eyes to check your designs for flaws, defects, and improvements. This can catch costly mistakes that would crop up down the road as well as reducing production costs by eliminating superfluous elements. Even the best engineers can miss something, which is why it is so important to have a third-party verification system to act as a safety net. And as the assembly experts, our experts may have ideas to help streamline production that your staff hadn't thought of.
  4. Quick detection and correction of problems - In keeping with the previous point, we are constantly testing PCBs as they come off the line. This allows us to quickly spot flaws and implement corrections. Fixing problems during the assembly stage is far less costly than further down the road. We are committed to making sure your orders are completed quickly, efficiently, and accurately.

Telan Corporation: Your Trusted Maryland PCB Assembly Partner

When companies bring PCB assembly in-house they limit their access to resources, making it harder to keep up with consumer demands. Don't shortchange your product and your customers: choose a PCB assembly partner with over 35 years of experience in delivering high-quality PCBs. Contact Telan today at (215) 997-7603 and let us become your preferred PCB assembly service.

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