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Surface-Mount Technology

The Benefits of Through-Hole to SMT Conversion

Category: Surface-Mount TechnologyPublished on 2018 Jan, 12
Through-Hole to SMT Conversion

Through-hole to SMT conversion offers numerous benefits, including reduced costs and smaller, faster boards.

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Through-Hole Vs. Surface Mount: Contrasting Benefits and Uses

Category: Surface-Mount TechnologyPublished on 2017 Aug, 18
surface mount vs through hole

PCB assembly services have been arguing the benefits and drawbacks of through-hole vs. surface mount technologies since the 1980s. Through-hole technology (THT) is the original assembly process that dominated the industry until the invention of surface mount technology (SMT) in the 80’s. Surface mount is more efficient and cost-effective than THT, leading many to believe THT would fade into obscurity. However, through-hole technology offers specific benefits that keep it relevant even into the foreseeable future.

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The Enduring Popularity of Surface Mount PCB Assembly

Category: Surface-Mount TechnologyPublished on 2017 Aug, 04
surface mount pcb assembly

Almost all mass produced PCBs today are manufactured using surface mount PCB assembly. Surface mount technology (SMT) rose to prominence in the 80’s and has dominated the industry ever since. That is because surface mount PCB assembly is easier to automate and therefore can produce large amounts of boards faster at far less cost.

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Semiconductor Mounting During PCB Assembly

Category: Surface-Mount TechnologyPublished on 2017 Jan, 06

As technology advances, PCB components - such as semiconductors - evolve to meet new needs and demands. Semiconductor structures have become more complex to offer additional utilities and functions. By necessity, their packing has become more complex as well. (Semiconductor packaging is a metal, plastic, glass or ceramic casing containing one or more semiconductor components.) These various packing types also dictate the necessary mounting technique for various semiconductor structures. Your Northern New Jersey PCB assembly service should be equipped to meet all your mounting needs.

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The Advantages of Surface Mount Technology

Category: Surface-Mount TechnologyPublished on 2016 Oct, 28

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