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The Perks of Using a Contract Electronics Manufacturer

Category: Telan CorpPublished on 2017 Apr, 13

Thanks to the ongoing manufacturing boom, there is an overabundance of options when it comes to contract electronics manufacturers. Choosing the right partner is crucial if you want your product to compete in the ever-expanding marketplace. Consumers demand a high quality product that can be delivered quickly. Hiring an electronic manufacturing service in New York can be your one-stop time and money-saving solution.

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Top 5 Benefits of PCB Assembly Under One Roof

Category: Telan CorpPublished on 2016 Sep, 16

When it comes to electronics manufacturing, some companies choose to partner with multiple companies: one for prototypes, one for manufacturing, one for testing, and so on. While this may offer upfront cost savings, it can cost more in the long run if you encounter delays in any links of the chain. That is why many companies opt for a single-company PCB assembly solution like Telan Corporation.


Here are just some of the benefits you can expect from using an all-in-one PCB assembly service in New York:

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What to Look for in a Pennsylvania PCB Assembly Service

Category: Telan CorpPublished on 2016 Aug, 26

In business, it is true that time is money, especially in the ever-changing market of technology. One way to keep an edge over your competitors is by using a Pennsylvania PCB assembly service that can offer a fast turnaround on prototypes and production runs.

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Five Benefits of Choosing Surface Mounted Technology

Category: Telan CorpPublished on 2016 Aug, 18

Starting in the 1940s, through-hole circuits became the industry standard. They are an easy form: electronic components are mounted on one side of the board, and the wires are then threaded through matching holes, criss-crossing on the opposite side. (If you have ever experimented with a breadboard, you are familiar with basic through-hole design.) Then in the 1980s a new method was created, called surface-mounting. This technique has been gaining popularity as the benefits of surface mounted technology (SMT) become more evident.

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What to Expect from Your Virginia PCB Assembly Service

Category: Telan CorpPublished on 2016 Aug, 11

The Benefits of Using Telan Corporationâ??s PCB Assembly Services

Category: Telan CorpPublished on 2016 Jul, 29

As your business grows and demand for your product increases, you have two options: you can either start an in-house manufacturing department, or hire a PCB assembly service. By outsourcing, you are saving your company time and money, and getting a host of other benefits as well.


Many people equate outsourcing with overseas production, but as we discussed last week, you are better off choosing a U.S.-based company. Rather than worrying about counterfeit parts and little to no supervision, a U.S.-based company will provide proper oversight and customer service close to home. Telan Corporation is a PCB assembly service in Maryland that can meet all your contract electronics manufacturing needs.

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