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Our Equipment

Telan Corporation, your contract electronics manufacturer of choice, owns the following PCB Assembly equipment to support your SMT and thru-hole assembly requirements.

Three Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Lines:

  • Three Samsung CP45FV P&P systems
  • Two Multitronic DHM 120 P&P machines
  • One Siemens HS-180 Glue Machine
  • One QUAD Reflow Oven- ZCR 941C
  • One Electrovert Omniflow5 Reflow Oven
  • One Hellar 1088 Reflow Oven
  • Three DEK 265LT In Line Automatic Screen Printers
  • M-7500 BGA Rework and Reballing System
  • Two Mirtec MV-3L & Two Testronic 504 Automated Optical Inspection Machines

Thru-hole Soldering Equipment

  • Electrovert Astrapak Wave Solder Machine with Spray and Foam Fluxer
  • Orissa 600 Lead Free Selective Soldering Machine by Pillarhouse (pictured)
  • Technical Devices CV400 Lead Free Wave Soldering System
  • Technical Device In-Line Washer
  • Gen Rad GR228x In-circuit PCB tester
  • Two Miele G7883 Cleaning Systems

Please contact Telan Corporation for all your printed circuit board assembly services and needs. Allow us an opportunity to provide a quote for your PCB Assembly requirements.

Our Equipment
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