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Many business owners want their company to be self-sufficient, handling every aspect of production in-house. However, trying to go it alone can hold you back from giving your customers the best you have to offer. Partnering with a PCB assembly service can improve the quality of your products and lower your overall costs, taking your company to the next level.

Little Fish in a Big Pond

Electronics are a rapidly expanding market dominated by large corporations with the capital necessary to buy expensive manufacturing equipment. Smaller companies don’t have billion dollar budgets, forcing them to use sub-standard equipment and/or manufacture on a smaller scale. With engineering and assembly technologies constantly changing, it is increasingly difficult for the “little guys” to keep up and remain competitive. And when there is less competition, it becomes easier for major companies to dominate a market.

This Third-Party PCB Assembly Service Is Here to Help

By partnering with a PCB assembly service, your company gains a powerful ally with experience and technology on their side. These are just a few of the benefits you gain:

  • No machinery expenses - The sophisticated machinery required to assemble printed circuit boards is extremely costly to purchase and maintain. And the costs continue as new technology and upgrades are introduced. This is the main obstacle small businesses face when trying to keep up with their competitors. However, a PCB assembly service carries all the expenses incurred by machinery repairs and upgrades, relieving that burden from your budget. You now have access to all the latest equipment without the extra expense.
  • A second pair of experienced eyes - It is always beneficial to have an outside consultant to double-check your product’s design for flaws and potential problems. Our value-added engineering services include mechanical, electrical and bill of material analysis, as well as a “design for manufacturability” review. We not only inspect for flaws and weaknesses, we look for ways to improve your product’s function and efficiency. We also help you reduce overall cost by suggesting design changes that require fewer components and less labor, while never sacrificing the quality of your product. You approve any changes of design. PCB assembly services have a vested interest in helping you produce the best possible version of your product.
  • State-of-the-art facilities - As a dedicated facility, a PCB assembly service can invest in the latest infrastructure and technologies to house and maintain equipment and ensure a clean manufacturing environment. This allows to them to produce more boards more quickly, at a higher quality—and we can then pass that quality directly on to you and your customers.
  • A trusted, secure supply chain - Companies often learn the hard way that the lowest bidder can turn into the most expensive due to the hidden costs of counterfeit parts. These components may have a lower upfront cost, but they can be incredibly expensive on the backend in terms of repairs, replacements and recalls - not to mention the costly damage to your company’s reputation! A seasoned PCB assembly service has a carefully vetted supply chain of dependable suppliers, ensuring you will get reliable, quality products. You will also enjoy the lower costs PCB assembly services pay for purchasing in bulk.
  • Fast, dependable repairs - Businesses are often lacking the time or resources necessary to properly handle repairs, leading to money lost on warranty replacements when the problem could have been repaired for a fraction of the cost. PCB assembly services offer the solution by standing by their product with fulfillment services that cover services such as troubleshooting and repair. When there is a problem with a board, it can be shipped directly to the contract manufacturer for diagnostics and repair. Once the faulty equipment has been expertly repaired, the product will be shipped directly back to the customer. And your company enjoys improved customer satisfaction and big savings on product replacement.
  • Get your product on the market faster - To remain competitive and keep your customers happy, you need to know you can deliver your products quickly and on time. Working with a PCB assembly service is an excellent way to speed up the process while ensuring standards are still being met. PCB assembly services excel at producing orders quickly and efficiently, making sure nothing is overlooked and compromised. Telan Corporation offers fast turnaround times on everything from prototypes (in 7-10 days) to large or small production orders (in 3-4 weeks).

Don’t Go It Alone: Partner With an Experienced PCB Assembly Service

It can be scary bringing in a third-party PCB assembly service, but it is the wisest business decision you can make. By outsourcing PCB assembly, you are keeping your company competitive and profitable in an ever-changing, cut-throat market. Telan is a reliable name in the industry, and your products - and reputation - are safe in our hands.

Don’t sell your product, your company and your customers short: choose a PCB assembly service with over 35 years of experience and let us be your manufacturing partner of choice.

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