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Choosing a quick PCB prototype service helps you get your product to market faster.

For new PCB designs, it is always best to create a prototype batch of boards before launching full-scale assembly. This allows you to test proof-of-concept functions and work out problems before final fabrication. Prototypes also allow new improvements and developments to be added into the final product after analyses and evaluations have been done. As an expert quick PCB prototype service, Telan Corporation has been delivering quality prototype boards for nearly 35 years.

Quick PCB Prototype Variations

  • Proof-of-concept: This includes partial functionality in order to prove where a circuit design concept is feasible and reliable, but does not necessarily include the full functionality of the final product.

  • Working prototype: Includes the full functionality, but can still be refined into a final design.

  • Visual model: Intended for illustrative purposes, it adheres to the final physical design but is not a working prototype.

  • Functioning prototype: Includes all functionality and characteristics of the final production board. To ensure the same quality and functionality are achieved in the final product, these prototypes should be manufactured under the same conditions as volume production.

The Benefits of Quick PCB Prototypes from Telan Corp

  • Benefit #1: At Telan, we specialize in quick turn-around times for your prototypes, saving your company time, money, and headaches.

  • Benefit #2: With over 35 years of experience in PCB assembly, we provide you with high-quality quick PCB prototypes. Our staff are trained in IPC-A-610 standards, guaranteeing the delivery of prototype boards that are fully compliant with industry standards.

  • Benefit #3: We are an all-in-one service provider, meeting all your PCB assembly needs. From prototypes and testing, to box builds and full production runs, we can handle every aspect of your PCB production. Having one company handle your PCB from prototype to final production gives you streamlined customer service and improved production and delivery times.

  • Benefit #4: Outsourcing to a quick PCB prototype service means substantial savings on up-front capital investments. You do not have the expenses of purchasing and maintaining equipment, establishing supply chains, developing highly trained staff, and maintaining a production facility. Outsourcing prototyping to a specialist, such as Telan, it a convenient and cost effective alternative to in-house manufacturing.

Telan: the #1 Choice for Quick PCB Prototypes

Choosing a quick PCB prototype service helps you get your product to market faster with less risk of bugs and defects. With our long history of delivering quality boards quickly, Telan can also help you increase productivity and cost-efficiency. For more information about our expert services, call us today at 215-997-7603.

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