Save Money with Electronics Assembly Services

Category: Electronic ManufacturingPublished on 2017 Sep, 22Author Telan

Discover how your electronics company can save money by outsourcing to expert electronics assembly services.

When electronics manufacturing companies are poised to expand, they are faced with two options: build up an in-house manufacturing department to assemble their products, or outsource assembly to someone else. Companies that want to save time and money will make the wise choice to outsource.

Traditional outsourcing meant overseas manufacturing that had little to no oversight, often resulting in faulty products, shipping delays, and customer service hassles. But US-based electronics assembly services have proven to be the cost-effective, quality, reliable partners your company needs.

4 Cost-Saving Benefits of US-Based Electronics Assembly Services

  1. Save your investment capital - If you choose to expand in-house production, you are facing an expense undertaking. You have to purchase or lease new facilities, purchase and maintain new equipment, and hire skilled workers. Many small to medium sized companies don’t have the capital necessary to make such an expansion. An established electronics assembly service already has the facilities, equipment, and workers in place. They take on the expense and liability of upkeep, allowing you to focus your investments on promoting your brand.

  2. Value-added engineering - With over 35 years of experience, Telan’s experts provide valuable insight into your product’s design. With our value-added engineering services, we can help you save money and/or increase your product’s efficiency. Whether by eliminating unnecessary components or replacing parts with equally efficient, less expensive alternatives, our engineers know how to get your product to reach its full potential.

  3. Domestic shipping and customer service - Rising fuel costs, long transit times, and customs delays have culminated to make international shipping less appealing in recent years. With a US-based electronics assembly service, you know your product will arrive quickly. You also get the added benefit of direct customer service: no middlemen or language and time zone barriers. You will speak to someone who is physically at the electronics assembly service and is in a position to resolve your requests and concerns quickly.

  4. Save money on parts - Electronics assembly services have established relationships with suppliers and often buy in bulk, allowing them to purchase components at discounted rates and pass those savings on to their clients. Telan Corp enjoys long-standing relationships with both domestic and offshore suppliers, giving us the ability to source all your bare board components.

Choose Telan as Your Electronics Assembly Service

For over 35 years, Telan has been delivering high-quality products to our clients. With fast turn-arounds, quotes in 24-48 hours, and prototypes in 7-10 days, we help you keep up with the competition in a rapidly changing industry. Call us today at 215-997-7603 to learn more about our electronics assembly services.

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