Telan Offers Expert Box Build Assembly Services

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With over 35 years of experience, Telan can complete your box build assembly with precision and quality.

Box build assembly - also called systems integration - is an electromechanical assembly process that Telan offers in addition to our PCB assembly services. Box build assembly includes enclosure fabrication, installation and routing of cabling or wire harnesses, and installation of sub-assemblies and components. It can involve small enclosures, big cabinets full of wires, or complex, fully integrated electromechanical systems.

Important Considerations for Box Build Assembly

In order to get an accurate quote and ensure a smooth building process, there are 5 key factors to discuss with your electronic manufacturing services (EMS) provider:

  1. Bill of Materials (BOM) - This documents clearly outlines all materials necessary for the build, as well as specifies what components you will be providing and which parts need to be sourced by the manufacturer. You should also consider whether you want to define smaller items (tie wraps, adhesives, washers, etc.) or leave that to EMS to decide. The same is true for wires and their identifiers. While these are technically consumables, they still need to be purchased and must be noted somewhere in order to avoid unexpected production delays and/or cost increases.

  2. Drawings, schematics and models - If possible, provide a 3D CAD model to help your EMS provider visualize the final product. Also include a layout drawing with information for key components, clearly specifying tolerances and finishes. Leaving them open to interpretation can cause problems down the line.

  3. A sample unit - If you have unfinished drawings, a sample unit can become a key source of data for successful box build assembly. Your EMS provider can also help you engineer and create completed drawings for you, ensuring consistent future builds.

  4. Dimensions - Be sure to provide accurate information about the size and weight of your completed unit. Not only does this affect shipping, but handling and storage throughout the box build assembly process as well. You will also need to consider how your completed product should be packed and transported. For example, is a standard shrink wrapped pallet sufficient, or does it require special boxes?

  5. Testing - Finally, you will need to consider what testing you wish to perform. For electrical systems, basic electrical safety testing (e.g., earth bond and flash tests) are advised. Beyond that, do you wish to perform functional testing, or is a visual inspection acceptable? Your EMS provider can help you choose what testing is best for your product.

Trust Telan with Your Box Build Assembly

Whether your box build design is simple or complex, Telan’s experienced team will complete your project quickly and efficiently. Call us today at 215-997-7603 to learn more about our box build services.

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