"I have been a happy customer for over ten years. Over that time Telan has been very responsive to requests for quotation, and has performed the work accurately and timely. Also, the quality of the PC boards they provide is very good. My customers have asked me on occasion where I get my boards fabricated because they were impressed with their overall precision." - A Client in the Pulse Detection Electronics Industry


"We have been working with Telan Corporation since 2003. At the time we started working with them we also had another contract manufacturer we were using. We split the work between both companies until we began to see that Telan was clearly far superior in the quality of work than the other company we used. That alone would have made us commit to exclusively using just Telan but, add in the incredible support we received from them, the on-time delivery and the extremely fair pricing, and it made making the switch to Telan the right choice for our business. A decision we have never regretted." - A Client in the Hospitality Security Industry


"We have been using assembly services from Telan since at least 2007.  The quality is always excellent and the attention to detail is remarkable.  We expect the relationship to continue for a long time." - A Client in the Monitoring Systems Industry


"We partnered with Telan 11 years ago (2009) when we decided to move our PCB assembly back on shore and near to our headquarters. After evaluating several houses to do our work, we decided on Telan based on their high performing experience, their investment in equipment for the business, but most importantly owing to the expertise of their staff. CJ, Shawn and George are the heart of their operation, staying on top of all our needs. Our business could not have grown as it has without their constant and complete support. I could write volumes here but to do so would take all the space available on the page! Thanks team Telan.  We appreciate all you do for us and our customers all over the world." - A Client in the Automotive Industry

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