Turnkey PCB Assembly: Perfect for Prototypes and Small Businesses

Category: PCB AssemblyPublished on 2017 Aug, 25Author Telan

Turnkey PCB assembly manufacturers handle every step of assembly: material procurement, PCB fabrication and assembly, testing, packaging, and fulfillment.

“Turnkey” is a buzzword in business these days, but you may not have heard it in connection with PCB assembly services. Turnkey PCB assembly means that the PCB manufacturer handles every step of the assembly process, including material procurement, PCB fabrication and assembly, testing, packaging, and fulfillment. You simply provide the design and the manufacturer takes care of the rest.


Turnkey PCB assembly removes the cost and quantity problems that have limited pcb assembly in the past. Now anyone with a design idea can quickly and affordably bring their idea to life. Perfect for startups and small businesses, turnkey services allow them to stay competitive with larger companies without the cost and risk involved with large production runs.


By choosing the right turnkey PCB assembly partner, you eliminate the stress of purchasing, storing, and tracking your inventory, as well as the delays and complexities of dealing with multiple vendors. With turnkey services from Telan Corporation, you can focus on perfecting your design and leave the rest to us.


The Benefits of Turnkey PCB Assembly

  • Prototyping - Producing prototypes has traditionally been an expensive and slow process. Multiple vendors, slow lead-times, and out-of-stock or hard-to-get components contribute to the hassle. Turnkey PCB assembly helps you build and refine your prototypes faster and more efficiently, getting your product to market faster.

  • Single point of contact - One vendor means one quote, one bill, and one phone call can lead to immediate and seamlessly changes. If you are dealing with multiple vendors, one small change can create a ripple effect of delays and price changes across your vendors. You also may have a harder time tracking down the appropriate person to initiate your changes. By choosing a turnkey PCB assembly service provider, you can be certain that the person you’re talking to is knowledgeable about your project and can quickly answer your questions and implement changes to your order.

  • Customization - “Turnkey” is sometimes confused with “cookie cutter,” leading to the idea that turnkey services are more restrictive. But whereas “cookie cutter” means the same thing for everyone, turnkey refers to systems, processes, and standards that are already in place. Customization only requires adjustments to a process, step, or element, keeping the other turnkey benefits intact.


Telan Corporation: Your Turnkey PCB Assembly Experts

For over 35 years, Telan has been offering a wide variety of services to meet the unique needs of small businesses, large corporations, and entrepreneurs. We have a well-established chain of suppliers, allowing us to source components at competitive prices, passing those savings on to our customers. We provide quotes in 24-48 hours and can deliver prototypes in 7-10 days. If you are looking for a turnkey PCB assembly partner, call us today at 215-997-7603.

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