What Makes Turnkey Electronics Assembly Fast and Hassle-Free?

Category: PCB AssemblyPublished on 2017 Dec, 08Author Telan

With fast production of PCBs, a single point of contact, and flexible services, turnkey electronics assembly is perfect for small businesses.

The word “turnkey” refers to a product or service that is ready for immediate use. When it comes to PCB assembly, that means the manufacturer handles everything from procurement of parts to fabrication and testing. Turnkey electronics are perfect for small businesses and startups who can’t afford to carry a large inventory. With turnkey PCB assembly, companies have an efficient and cost-effective way to assemble and test circuit boards while enjoying the shortest possible lead times.

5 Benefits of Turnkey Electronics Assembly

  1. Single vendor - By choosing a turnkey electronics supplier, you have a single point of contact to work with. You don’t have to worry about delays and miscommunications between vendors, and any changes that need to be addressed can be handled with one phone call. Managing multiple vendors can be overwhelming, particularly if they are scattered around the world. With US-based Telan, you can get fast answers to your questions.

  2. Flexible assembly - Whether you need a small batch of boards or a full production run, an experienced turnkey PCB assembly is equipped to meet your needs. They can match whatever assembly method you require (through-hole, surface mount, mixed) and even provide secondary services such as box build assembly.

  3. Prototypes - Traditionally, producing an electronics prototype has been an expensive, slow, and daunting process. Juggling slow lead-times, multiple vendors around the world, and out-of-stock components can become an overwhelming task. With turnkey electronics, you can build and refine your prototypes faster and more efficiently. Getting a product to market quickly and affordably has never been easier.

  4. Level the playing field - The ease and affordability of turnkey electronics assembly means that anyone can bring their ideas to life, including startups who don’t know if they’ll need a few boards or hundreds. In today’s cut-throat electronics market, having a cool new product is only the first step. Being able to keep up with demand is necessary to stay ahead of the competition. Experienced turnkey electronics services can help you get reliable products to market quickly, every time.

  5. Cost savings - With end-to-end solutions from a single provider, you eliminate the costs of shipping between vendors for various stages of development. Established turnkey electronics services, such as Telan, also have verified supply chains. This ensures you get high-quality parts at prices you could not negotiate yourself.

Telan Corporation: Turnkey Electronics You Can Trust

With the right partner, turnkey PCB assembly will help you produce a high-quality product and get it to market quickly. We know the value of time, delivering quotes in 24-48 hours and prototypes in 7-10 days. Call us at 215-997-7603 to learn more about our turnkey electronics services.

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