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"I have been a happy customer for over ten years. Over that time Telan has been very responsive to requests for quotation, and has performed the work accurately and timely. Also, the quality of the PC boards they provide is very good. My customers have asked me on occasion where I get my boards fabricated because they were impressed with their overall precision." - A Client in the Pulse Detection Electronics Industry


When it comes to contract electronics manufacturing services, Telan Corporation, a leading US based PCB assembly company. Our capabilities include fast turnaround times on your quotes, prototypes and delivery of PCB assemblies. We can handle any size run so be sure to contact us. We have over 40 years of experience and are dedicated to your total satisfaction. Allow the Telan team to become your SMT Contract Electronics Manufacturer of choice. Request your assembly quote today. 


Telan Corporation, your contract electronics manufacturer of choice, owns the following PCB Assembly equipment to support your SMT and thru-hole assembly requirements.


Three Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Lines:


  • Two Samsung SM482 P&P Machines
  • One Samsung CP20CV P&P Machine
  • Three Samsung CP45FV P&P Machines
  • One Multitronic DHM 120 P&P Machine
  • One Siemens HS-180 Glue Machine
  • Two Fisnar 7400C Dispensing Machines
  • One Quad Reflow Oven ZCR 941C
  • One Electrovert Omniflow5 Reflow Oven
  • One Novastar 2000HT Reflow Oven
  • One Vitronics Solder XPM520 Reflow Oven
  • Two DEK 265LT In Line Automatic Screen Printers
  • One ESE 2000X In Line Automatic Screen Printer
  • One M-7500 BGA Rework and Reballing Machine
  • Two Mirtec MV-3L Automated Optical Inspection Machine
  • One Glenbrook Jewel Box 70T Xray Machine


Thru-hole Soldering Equipment:


  • One Nordson Cerno 1021L Selective Solder Machine
  • One Novastar Lead Free Wave Solder Machine
  • One Technical Devices CV400 Lead Free Wave Soldering Machine
  • One Technical Devices In-Line Washer
  • One Gen Rad GR228x In Circuit PCB Tester
  • Two Miele G7883 Cleaning Machines


Please contact Telan Corporation for all your printed circuit board assembly services and needs. Allow us an opportunity to provide a quote for your PCB Assembly requirements.

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Assembly Services